Your Camera

Cabezon, Scorpaenichthys marmoratus, Redondo Beach CA, East Pacific Ocean 100002
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- Your camera:

The first item you will want to consider is what type of camera you "need" or more likely want.  There will be several considerations when making this decision.

- Cost:
If cost is not an issue then you can spend thousands on a camera system. If every penny counts, for just a few dollars you can pick up a one time use camera that will work as long as you do not go to deep.  Before you even start to look at a camera you should determine how much you are willing to spend.  Remember also that the camera is only one part of a system.  You may also need to get strobes, housings, brackets, lenses and other items to get the quality photos you are after.

- Type:
There are several cameras that are made specifically for use under water and are ready to go with little effort and have everything you need to get them wet right out of the box. Your other choice is to get an underwater housing to put you "normal" camera into.  The housing will have controls that allow you to operate most of the features of your camera.  Both types of systems work and there are pros and cons to each choice.  I recommend that you talk with your local retailer about all the choices available. You can find both film and digital options so you will need to decide between these choices as well.  More and more people are starting to use digital and it may not be long before that is the norm underwater as well.

- Complexity of use:
Do you want a simple to use point and shoot camera with basic features or do you need to control every aspect of the photo taking process.  Just like above water, you can choose a camera with all the valves and whistles or you can go with the basic system.  Just remember that you will be in the water moving around and using scuba or snorkeling gear at the same time you are trying to take your pictures.  If you are just getting stated with scuba you may want to limit the complexity of your first system or at least make sure it can be pre-configured before you get into the water.


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