About Ocean Paradigms

I started taking underwater pictures when I was teaching scuba in Maui. I think it was 1985 but who is keeping track? I bought a Nikonos V and all the lenses, strobes, and cables that went with it. I had to take out a loan but I just had to have that system. There was no other system in the world that would do. Back then housing were still hard to work with and they cost more than I could afford. Things have come a long way since then. I used film back then! I later bought the Nikonos RS which was the first and to date only SLR underwater camera that did not need to be placed in a separate housing. Great camera both of them.

I developed this site so I could let others see some of the many things I saw every day. I have my shots for sale but I really just want people to see them. If you want to use any of my shots please feel free to contact me. I am sure we can work something out.

Mark Ruth