Your Lens

Hawaiian turkyfish, Pterois sphex, Kona Hawaii, Cavern Pt., Pacific Ocean 100003
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- Your lens:

The lens of the camera is one of the most important equipment elements to taking a good picture.  The lens is the eye that allows the image to expose the film.  Like the eye if the lens is not in perfect shape then it will not "see" the surroundings the way it should.  As with anything else you usually get what you paid for.  If you get a cheep one use camera do not expect the images to be National Geographic quality.  You must decide what quality and price combination is best for you.  Remember that just because you have the best lens does not mean you will get the best shots.  YOU still have to do everything else right.  I have seen some great shots from point and shoot cameras and I have taken some pictures that I will not show anyone with a great lens.

- Types:

Most of the less expensive to moderate priced cameras have the lens built in and you do not get to make a choice of which lens to buy.  You may be able to add on external adapters but the primary lens is already decided for you.  May of these cameras do have good lenses but they will usually be limited in their capabilities to zoom  or do macro etc... Most cameras that have built in lenses also have a viewfinder that you use to aim the camera to take your pictures.  You do not actually see what the lens sees.  You see ALMOST what the camera will see.

The other option is the changeable lens that is found on SLR cameras.  These cost more but offer you the option to use different lenses designed to do different things.  Of course you can not change the lens underwater but you can decide what types of pictures you are after before you get in the water and put a lens on that works best for that type of pictures.

Be sure to do your homework when selecting your camera and lens combination since they will determine what types of options you will have and the types of pictures you will be able to take.  Even the best photographer can not take close-up pictures with a lens that requires you to be several feet from your subject.

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