Your Flash

Flying Gunard Juvenile, Dactyloptena orientalis, Kona Hawaii, Pacific Ocean 100005
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- Your flash:

The flash is commonly referred to as a "strobe". The strobe is a local light source and often more important it adds the correct color balance back into your pictures.  Without a strobe you will often get a blue cast to your pictures.  Some people think that they must have a strobe because it is too dark to take a picture underwater.  This is true only in very dirty water or when you are too deep for the sun.  In most places you would be taking pictures there is plenty of light.  The real reason you want the strobe is to replace the color.

Most point and shoot cameras will have a flash on them and this will work but the range and amount of light are limited.  The other option is to buy and external strobe that connects to you camera or housing and has a waterproof o-ring seal to keep the water out.  Most serious photographers want the strobe to be separate from the camera and even connect 2 or more strobes.  These external strobes are usually much stronger that the built in flash since they are specifically designed for use underwater.  Of course if you are using a strobe you will not want to have to hold it and the camera separately, so you will also need to get a camera tray and arms to connect the camera and strobe on to.  I will explain the need for the arms later.


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